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Barbell Nation is a fitness and lifestyle blog aimed at helping people reach their highest level of awesomeness. We hope to inspire you to learn, lift, and grow.

Who are we exactly? 

Working is super fun!

Working is super fun!

Hello All. My name is Wes Kephart. Just call me Wes because my last name is nonsensical. I will now proceed to awkwardly ‘toot’ my own horn. I recently graduated with my B.S. in Kinesiology with a minor in Nutrition (summa cum laude). Currently, I am ‘wasting my time’ working towards my M.S. in Human Performance, where I’m specializing in neurocognitive psychophysiology (fancy way of saying exercise and the brain). I also teach the exercise physiology lab at my university. Basically, ‘I know what I’m talking about.’ I am an ACSM certified Health Fitness Specialist. Along with slaving away at school and telling people to do more push-ups, I am an AMERICAN RECORD holding powerlifter in the junior division (20-23). If you don’t believe me then click here. Fun fact: I am a vegetarian (lacto-ovo to be more specific and not for health reasons). Finally, I will now tell you some of my hobbies. l enjoy all kinds of weightlifting, especially olympic weightlifting because who doesn’t love to throw heavy things over your head? I also like to read, watch as many documentaries as possible, and hang out with my two chi-weenie mutts.

I'm just a tad bit short.

I’m just a tad bit short.

Greetings! My name is Whitney Rains. I am a recent weightlifting convert and yoga enthusiast, and by enthusiast I mean I like to read about it and occasionally do a pose or two. Unlike my boyfriend up there (yes we’re together, I know we’re totally cute) I have my degree in liberal arts! Huzzah for never getting a job related to my degree. Currently, I’m working towards my M.A. in history. I am also hoping to become a ACSM certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor soon. I am very passionate about weightlifting and inspiring women to use it to reach their full potentials. I am also Crossfit curious, but have yet to try it out. Now for my hobbies. I love to lift weights and I am currently training for my first powerlifting meet. I also love to bake, read chick lit, and watch entirely too much Doctor Who.

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