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Supplements: Useless to Bestest

“Let  food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” -Hippocrates

“I don’t do drugs. I am drugs.” -Salvador Dalí

The Supplement Industry

The supplement industry isn’t regulated by the FDA. Now many people see that as a negative thing, but I don’t. If you’re afraid of supplements and there safety simply DON’T TAKE THEM! Typically the benefits that we get from most of them range on the spectrum from minimal to might help… All the stuff that works wonders is illegal (not for the bad stuff it does, but for the awesome stuff it does). Seriously if you haven’t seen Bigger, Stronger, Faster go take an hour or two and get educated. In many respects if you are prepared to take whatever it takes… you aren’t prepared to win.

However, I’ve been asked what I take especially for protein (being a vegetarian and all). It is always a fun question for me and I normal respond… “I drink the tears of those I’ve slain”.

Tasty with a lemon

Tasty with a lemon

Without further adieu here I’ll catalog the supplements I’m currently taking and some that I’ve taken before.


Here I want to outline everything I took to drop weight for the 148lb class (I haven’t been that small since freshman year of high school)

Upon waking: 200mg Caffeine, 400 mg Green tea extract, and 500mg aspirin (plus 32mg extra of caffeine-migraine meds)

With lunch: 200mg Caffeine, 400 mg Green tea extract, and 500mg aspirin (plus 32mg extra of caffeine-migraine meds)

Early evening: 200mg Caffeine, 400 mg Green tea extract, and 500mg aspirin (plus 32mg extra of caffeine-migraine meds)

Mid evening: Chew 1-2 mg of Nicotine before dinner

Now for what I take and why…

Is that nicorette and caffeine pills? Indeed it is

Is that nicorette and caffeine pills? Indeed it is

Hemp Protein– It is a somewhat complete protein (1) and has been a staple in my diet for a good while. No, it won’t get you high… It is super high in fiber though, so unless you have an iron vegetarian digestive system… be careful if you know what I mean.

Caffeine Pills– The benefits of caffeine range from increased fat burning, increased endurance, and increased strength(2-3). You’d be fool not to ingest it somehow… not to mention all of the mental benefits (4) .

Nicotine Gum- I know its a long one, but I wrote a pretty long one about nicotine check it out here. Also, remember to punch any one in the face that insinuates that nicotine (the chemical not cigarettes) causes cancer.


Aspirin/Migraine medication– It may improve glucose tolerance and fat burning (5) especially when stacked with caffeine.

Whey Protein– Oddly enough, I don’t take it for muscle building or better recovery… Actually as an antioxidant to fight cancer and all sorts of other badness (6).

Chia Seeds-I also ingest these all the time. It is high in fiber and the omega 3 fatty acid that really doesn’t matter (ALA); however, it doesn’t seem to help in weight loss or much else (7). But I will say it seems to keep me fuller longer than other stuff.


Algae Omega 3’s– I take this because these fatty acids are essential (our body can’t make them very well) some evidence supports its use for cognitive development, heart disease, and even depression (8).

Water enhancers- If it enhances water and I’m about 70% water… It must enhance me.



Creatine Monohydrate– I actually do normally take this because it seems to enhance brain functions in vegetarians (9). I’m just cycling off of it right now, but I’ll get back on really soon. Well… it also helps in strength performance and muscle building, but who wants that…

Protein Mix(syntha 6)- I took this simply because a friend gave it to me… I liked the taste, it was mochaccino.

Pseudoephedrine– I like to experiment with various stimulants (even the ones they make meth out of). You have to take a lot for the benefits to mimic ephedra (fat burning and weight loss (10)), but it’ll spin you right up if you’re tired of caffeine.

Green tea extract– In conjunction with caffeine it seems to stimulate one’s metabolism and promote fat to be burned for fuel (11). But without caffeine its crap (12).

Testosterone Booster (t-bomb II)- Don’t waste your money. I tried it because my brother wanted me to give it a shot. The main ingredient Tribulus Terrestris has been shown to do absolutely…. nothing (13).


Well that’s everything I take, no steriods, I did think about it though because then I could finally beat those Russians. Feel free to leave a comment and experiment with yourself. You don’t know, maybe you are the one person that a given supplement works on.

Be Awesome


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