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Records, Records, and more Records

Hello nation, I haven’t been as prolific of a writer as I have wanted to be lately. For some reason all of my professors have decided to conspire against me and give me lots of work all at once. However, I have been absurdly busy with lots to inform everyone about.

Whitney and I just competed in a powerlifting meet, and we both came away with some records. She got all of the raw collegiate records for the 123 lb weight class, granted she was the only one in this weight class/division and no one has every claimed any records in it, but its still an amazing accomplishment considering that she has only been truly lifting weights for about 3 months. We didn’t get any videos of her, but she squatted  62.5 kg, benched  30 kg, and deadlifted 70 kg. I am super proud of her.

I also got a few records myself. I cut weight to get down into the 148 lb weight class. I will write a post about this later, but in short cutting weight is miserable, terrible, horrible, and a painful use of time.

My names not Alexander, but I know the feeling.

My names not Alexander, but I know the feeling.

To make weight I had been consuming roughly 800-1000 Calories a day, and the last week I started water loading. Which if you don’t know, water loading is a practice of drinking absurd amounts of water (I drank at least 2 gallons by noon everyday) to decrease water retention. I put myself through all of this just because I despise hot baths and sweating out high quantities of water before I have to exert myself, so what I did could be considered a more “natural” weight cut.

We both made weight, easily I might add. I was a full kilo under weight (2.2046 lbs if you don’t do metric). We both enjoyed the competition, for some reason powerlifters (especially the raw ones) are super nice.

There was one older lady that, I SWEAR, could out lift just about any guy I’ve ever met in my life. That was super inspiring for anyone who believes that you’re washed up after you hit your 30’s.

Now to what I did…. Drum roll please….

I broke ALL of the USAPL junior AMERICAN records for the 148 lb weight class. I like to be sensible about this kind of stuff. Thus, this essentially means that I’m the strongest, small, young guy that lifts in THE HARDEST federation.

Case and point. I got only two white lights for this one. If you don’t know there’s 3 judges and you have to get at least 2 of them to agree that your lift was “good” or give white (as opposed to red) lights.  I always try to ask/figure out which judge gives me reds so that I can find out where they live, but no one fessed up. However, this was a good thing for me because I got mad about that one red light and went on to kill the next weight.

This broke the current record by about 5 lbs, I felt like I had more in the tank, but whatever. Time to move on to the bane of my existence…. The bench press

One reason why I dropped weight was just so I could bench more than double bodyweight in a competition, and this made me work for it. Right when I got up I loudly verbalized how much that lift sucked. However, I had one more attempt and figured I ought to try and tie my best bench at 165lb

Oddly enough this was easier than the previous one, maybe its all in my head, but it broke the record. Now to the deadlifts.

This one tied the record, but I wanted to give it a try anyway.

I know that it doesn’t look like it, but this was the most difficult lift that I have ever made IN MY LIFE! Yet again another record breaker and my back is super sore.

I came away with a 595 kg total (1311.7 lb) which was another record. Overall it was a great time and now I’m going to go eat my face off.

Be awesome.



9 thoughts on “Records, Records, and more Records

  1. Great job, you guys!! I am now in the territory of cutting weight for meets and what really sucks is that I don’t sweat it out. I can sweat out MAYBE .7 of one lb in an hour. It’s awful. So I can’t really count on being able to sweat anything out in a reasonable amount of time and it all has to come from my diet and hydration, which means i have to stay lean as hell. Yes, weight cutting is one of the worst experiences I’ve been through, and i completely understand how this goes for those who do it. Not easy, and people who do it deserve respect for going through the process.

    • I just watched your video “WHAT HAPPENED WHEN I MISSED MAKING WEIGHT: ANOTHER CONFESSIONAL” and I really feel for you! In the weeks coming up to the meet I was experimenting with sweating, luckily I’m actually a pretty good sweater (the shaved head probably has something to do with it). However, one night I was messing around and dropped only half a pound, felt terrible, and decided to never try it again.

      One thing that helped was cutting fiber completely out of my diet two days before (and being on an all liquid diet) to minimize storing any excess water in my gastrointestinal tract.

      Honestly, I’m just glad its done so I can eat now. Thanks for the comment!!!

      • hmmm. What do you do about protein on said liquid diet? What source are you turning to that doesn’t contain sodium/water-retaining properties. I’d LOVE to know. I’m really learning about all of this for the first time and it’s MUCH more complicated than I originally thought it would be.

      • Honestly just protein shakes. Whey hydrolysate works wonders, but its ridiculously expensive. Protein by itself has a mild diuretic affect. Also, coffee with cream (or the best is coconut oil because the medium chain triglycerides appear to stimulate fat oxidation) along with various teas seem to do the job. Just keeping carbs super low aids in the water loss. Hence why I put cream in the coffee vs. milk and sugar. The last thing that I can think of is getting ridiculous with water loading. As the meet got closer I was drinking about 2 gallons of water by noon. Does that help at all?

      • Absolutely. I’m compiling a kind of database of ideas and tips for this and considering what my body will probably best respond to. I waterloaded like whoa for this past one and, as you say, it’s essential to this process. That really helps. Thank you!!

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