Our Training

Our Training Recap 2-4 thru 2-10

The top end of this week was good, my Saturday training was terrible, and my Sunday training was pretty stellar.

Whitney’s been pretty beat up lately, and she kind of hurt her hamstring this past Saturday. She should still be good for the meet that we have coming up. Currently, I have her on a strict regimen of icing her hamstring, taking advil, and I’m trying to stuff her face with as much protein and fish oil as possible. Science side note– the icing constricts the blood vessels in her hamstring, thus leading to “starving” that area from nutrients, so that when the vessels dilate they will bring my nutrients to build (protein) and decrease inflammation (fish oil).

Yet again I have no videos of her, but she really didn’t do much, almost like a “deload week”… which I think are overall stupid, but sometimes necessary. So you’ll just have to deal with more of me looking stupid in videos.

This video is about 20 seconds longer than they normally are. I figure most people don’t care what I think before lifting a weight (donuts, dragons, arm wrestling superman, etc…) however I chose to share (briefly) why exercising with a collared shirt is cool as hell. I got this idea from seeing a video of Louie Simmons of Westside barbell lifting in a collared shirt, like he could give a crap about your existence.

You can see him being a champ around 4:30

Here I close gripped 315, it was rough, but I probably had another 5-10lbs in me. Apparently, my close grip is THE SAME as my “competition”- standard wider grip. Back when I was in high school, my close grip would always be 40lbs. under my normal grip, but now they’re the damn same cause you will NOT  see me put up 355 anytime soon.

These past two videos were essentially the good stuff of the week. Now lets move to the crap.

I went for essentially what I want to do in the competition, but I was NOT mentally into it. I squatted 455 a little bit before this and it felt terrible, thus I should’ve know this was going to happen. Normally, if I can get a weight out of the “hole” I can good morning up just about anything. For most of my life I’ve had crap technique on most things, but it was always okay because I was just strong (at least for a 5 foot tall white cornerback). To make it worse, I failed twice on this. Take home message- tons of caffeine doesn’t always work to make you super human.

On Sunday, it got cool again. I think mentally I had to atone for not squatting something that I should’ve got. I don’t have any videos for this, because I assumed I’d lift like an idiot.

Just like this animal would lift.

Just like this animal would lift.

However, I ended up doing pretty well with a couple of PR’s. I did rack pulls (essentially a deadlift lockout from just above my knee) with 665lbs. for a single, good morning with 275 for ten reps, stiff leg deadlifts with 275 for ten reps, and did timed pull ups- 1 minute of pull ups got 3 reps (Body by Science inspired- read it).

This upcoming week is my last week of “heavy” training before the meet. I don’t really taper, but the week of the meet I do a bunch of plyometrics and jump squat to ensure that I’ve got my speed.

Hopefully Whitney will get better soon, then she’ll work on dropping some body fat, and trying to increase her relative strength and I’ll hit myself with a sledgehammer until I’m a man.

Pretty much the opposite of this guy…

Pretty much the opposite of this guy…

Go be awesome.



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