Our Training

Our Training Recap 1-28 thru 2-3

This week of training was intense. I met a lifetime goal and Whitney more or less had to take a week off. Here are some of the highlights.

Here’s a video of me doing a double body-weight double on bench press. This was pretty fun. I felt like I may have had another rep in the tank, if and only if, Rage Against the Machine was on.

Here’s me doing a squat. Not my heaviest, but I got the video, so check out the next video for something a little more cool.

Here’s my lifetime goal. Finally getting a triple body weight squat. If you watch the whole video, you’ll see me having an aneurysm. Pretty fun, Intending to do slightly more than this in my next meet. I didn’t want to get to a triple body-weight squat just by dropping weight,but it counts, I guess.

This week Whitney didn’t do much, she figured out what central nervous system fatigue and over training are. However in my last effort to  drop weight I’m starting to do some sprint interval cardio. Essentially what this amounts to is getting on a bike and trying to kill myself for 30 sec. then pedaling slowly for about 4ish minutes, then repeating this cycle roughly 3-6 times for 3 sessions a week. That’s only TWO MINUTES OF CARDIO, by the way. After I knock out 3 it feels like there is so much acid in my blood that I will die. All in all it’s a good way to burn off some glycogen. Looking at the research there’s really no point to EVER DO STEADY STATE CARDIO!

I didn’t want to do any cardio to drop this weight to prove a point, but I haven’t weight this much since FRESHMAN YEAR OF HIGHSCHOOL!  So I think what I was able to do without 1 second of cardio was pretty damn good.

We have about a week and a half of heavy training left until our meet and I have to loose rougly 3 pounds.

Time to go be awesome!


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