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Our Training Recap 1-21 thru 1-27

Hello nation! Here’s our training recap for the week, both of us did some pretty cool stuff. Whitney had some massive PR’s on both squat and deadlift. She got a plate on the squat!!! For those who don’t know, that’s 135 lbs. and she pulled 175 lbs! Overall, she did amazing.

I did okay, just have to put in the time. I have some videos of me messing around on the squat, overhead press, and I actually deadlifted for the first time since my powerlifting meet last October.

Here I did more than singles to change up the pace. I know you can’t see my face, but I’m hating every second. Anything over two or maybe three reps is pointless cardio in my book.

Here I do something more normal for my training. Granted it wasn’t a long pause, but I enjoyed it (as I’m sure you can tell) than any of that high rep stuff. I feel like pauses just make me stronger and more explosive. Not to mention, I can go lighter and still get the benefits.

I don’t deadlift very often, but when I do, I round the hell out of my upper back. I honestly only deadlift about once a month (if that). I don’t see much point honestly. My squat training seems to cover all of the muscles needed, so I just get mad and then pick up the weight. I feel like most people overthink this lift instead of just “cowboying up” about it.

Here I’m just putting some weight over my dome. Probably the truest test of upper body strength. It’s too bad people don’t do it more.

Whitney filmed this (obviously after a long night of vodka and heroin) artistically. However, you can see me struggling and all in all hating myself to get the weight up.

No videos of Whitney this week, just my ugly ass… I think she’s been looking kinda hot lately 😉 but that’s neither here nor there.

Overall, we did what we set out to do. Whitney did amazing on her new PR’s. She’s having some trouble benching (as we all do at some point). She said that she was going to experiment with higher reps (in the 5-8 range). I personally hate those excessive reps, but maybe she’ll like it.

Be awesome!



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