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Training, Lifting, Being: Recap of 1-14 through 1-20

Hello nation, another rough week of workouts. Whitney and I are about a month away from our upcoming powerlifting meet. Overall, we did pretty well. Whitney had some PR’s on the squat and bench press, we forgot to video them, but she squatted 95lbs 12 times! She’s actually been camera shy, hence why there is a dearth of her videos. I really didn’t have any PR’s though; however, I was the lightest I’ve been in at least 8 years (cutting weight is super fun gotta get to 148 in a month).

Here’s a few random videos of the top sets/reps:


I like doing hang cleans. They seem to make me a little more “bouncy” and fast for my squats. Even though cleans aren’t tested in powerlifting, they seem to have a lot of carryover.

I’m sure someone else created this move, but I really like it. It is a good way to keep the weight “light” but to make the movement harder.


Here’s me squatting again… say what you will about the depth. That felt absurdly hard. I think I may take a week off low bar squats.


This upcoming week Whitney and I are planning on killin’ it and hopefully I can finally get below 150 lbs. this week. Whitney is going to continue implementing a high frequency squatting routine and continue to rock the squat rack.


Be awesome




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