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Not So Lazy Sunday: Whitney’s workout for 1/13/13

Hello everyone!

I missed this morning’s workout for some much needed beauty sleep. It was glorious. However, I was still able to fit in a workout this afternoon. See, I’m not so lazy after all.


65lb x 5 (warm up)

95 x 1

115 x 1

135 x 1

155 x 1






2 thoughts on “Not So Lazy Sunday: Whitney’s workout for 1/13/13

  1. I’d recommend thinking about/re-evaluating what position you want to start your hips in when you initiate a deadlift. What you’re doing right now is getting into position, then coming out of it into a position in which your hips are higher when you actually start to pull, which is going to eventually throw your weight forward when you get to higher weights, among other things. Starting with your hips higher is not a technical fault in a deadlift. If you’re following through with your hips once setting them at a higher starting position and using them in the pull, then starting with them higher is not “bad form.” I’d suggest starting with your hips higher, making sure your weight is as far back into your heels as you can manage to shift it, and then pulling. This should take care of the issue you’re having with hitting your shoulders rather hard when you start the pull. You want to take all of the slack out of your arms when you deadlift, and it looks like you know this. The thing is, if your hips pop up, you may (and, it looks like, are) put yourself in a position in which suddenly you no longer have the slack taken out of your arms. Now you slam into your shoulders when you begin to pull the bar and lose some of the power off the floor. So, I really suggest starting with your hips slightly higher, with, of course, a flattened lumbar region, and doing some deadlifting with that modification in mind. Not that you asked for my advice, but people love to give me unsolicited advice on my form all the time with various things and heck, sometimes it’s useful. Go internet!

    • Thanks for the advice! This is actually the first time I’ve used this form while deadlifting. My hips usually are higher than that and there is usually no slack in my arms. I noticed when I watched the video that my hips kept popping back up right before I lifted. I’m still looking for my sweet spot. I’ve been considering trying a sumo deadlift but every time I get into that position I feel stuck, if that makes any sense. This was my attempt at a midpoint. I’ve got about a month and a half to figure it out. Thanks again for the advice! 🙂

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